KSFE Bhagyavarsha chitty - new chitties scheme in ksfe onam 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Make this Onam special with KSFE's new chitties scheme Bhagyavarsha chitty 2013. This time KSFE brings several price schemes with this new kuries. Investing in kuries are a best method to sustain in this Rupee depreciation situation. Investments in gold or Insurances is also a good idea.

Bhagyavarsha kuries started on August 17 , the Chingam day in malayalam calendar. Like Bhagya Sreyas Chittikal this time KSFE introduces several new feature like online payment facility to its customers. The details of Onam chitty is as follows.

  • First prize: 25 sovereigns of gold
  • Second prize: 10 sovereigns of gold (for seven people)
  • 1gm Gold coin for one chittal in a Chitty.
  • 10 Sovereigns of Gold (Or Rs.2.1 Lakhs) for 7 chittals in state level.
  • 25 Sovereigns of Gold (Or Rs.5.25 Lakhs) for 1 chittal in state level.
  • Future Liability coverage in case of accidental death.
  • Loan upto 50% of Sala for Non-Prized chittals after completion of 5% of chitty duration.
  • Car Loan Scheme for Non-Prized customers.

Online Payment facility scheme is possible with selected banks only at the start and will expand later. So why to wait, join the new KSFE chitty.
Contact US for details.

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